Organisations across the globe need to make informed, metrics-based decisions when it comes to recruiting, retaining, and managing talent. Talent identification and succession planning should and needs to be a top priority.

We’re living in a world of change. Complex global changes. Business owners, Board members, and Directors/Senior Managers often feel overwhelmed, stressed and/or unable to shape organisational outcomes when it comes to talent acquisition.

  • What should they focus on?
  • How can they ensure they recruit the right talent for their business?
  • How can they ensure personal growth and development?
  • How can they sustain high performance?

Assessment services help companies to identify who will fit within their organisation and the role that they are recruiting for. This service helps to identify people who will be right for the business. The role, the team and the culture. Our assessment services and benefits of each service include:

Psychometric testing

Our digital psychometric testing service allows you to identify top talent and screen candidates instantly. For example, you can ask potential candidates questions to hone in on their strengths and development areas which can act as a touch point for further discussion when interviewing. You will also:

  • Gain deeper insights
  • Be able to screen candidates more accurately
  • Identity top talent
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Provide development opportunities for staff

And not forgetting, build the talent pool you desire.

Video interviews

Video interviews allow you to see how candidates represent themselves – in person. For example, you can ask pre-determined, structured questions to see how they perform in terms of answers, body language, rapport and more. Video interviews help with shortlisting prospective candidates to assess later on in a more personal video-call or face to face meeting.

Psychological evaluation

Psychological evaluations can cover intelligence, personality, interests, achievements, performance and succession planning. These evaluations are a formal process in helping businesses validate candidates for their companies.

UK Chartered Occupational Psychologists

Our assessment services are performed by UK Chartered Occupational Psychologists. They are the “gold standard” when it comes to candidate profiling. We have extensive experience working with public and private sector clients across the GCC region and further afield working on Nationalisation and Expatriate assessment assignments.  Our assessments are available in multiple languages, including Arabic.

Internal Development Plans

As part of our assessment services, we work with businesses to identify and put in place an internal development plan. We help to define staff goals, identify necessary skills required, assess skills and knowledge, write professional development goals and track and set these goals when it comes to the recruitment process. Professional coaching is also available for all levels of staff to help with individual development and performance improvement.


We offer a number of tailored packages or we can work with you on a tailor-made solution to match your exact requirements. Please contact Ed Twaite for further information on

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