There are many Search firms and Recruiters out there so why pick Menasa?

Good question. The reality is again that we care about our candidates as much as our clients. We truly believe that the candidate of today is the potential client of tomorrow and therefore if a candidate has a positive experience with us (even if we do not actually find them their dream job) they will be likely to use our services again in their new employment. Transparency and honesty (even when there is negative feedback) is vital to candidates seeking alternative employment. We understand that you just want to talk to us and understand if there is any potential news on your Search so we try and always update our candidates. If we cannot assist we will always try to communicate this to candidates.

Clearly the world of Search and Recruitment is all about relationships and that applies to both clients as well as candidates. From a candidate perspective we like to build superior partnerships with our candidates and they then, in turn, learn to trust and rely on us as their preferred Search partner. We have the contacts within our list of extensive clients to unlock the door to their dream job and we wouldn’t dream of doing this by just circulating their cvs “willy-nilly”.

We engage in conversations with our clients about candidates and will only then send the cv once we ascertain there is a certain level of interest. This is what we call a consultative approach to the Talent Acquisition process and something we are inherently proud of. Indeed in our discussions with potential and existing clients we highlight this business model in order to reflect our premium levels of service which makes us stand out as a credible business partner rather than “one of the many” Search organisations out there.

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