There are many Search firms and Recruiters out there so why pick Menasa?

Good question. The reality is we genuinely care about giving a premium level of service to both our clients and candidates alike. We believe that communication and transparency is the key to our client’s expectations and because of our experience we will always be honest and transparent with you in order to strengthen our relationship. Seems mad but sometimes this could result in us politely declining your business (if we do not believe we can assist you) or suggesting alternative methods in order for you to achieve your objectives.

We offer a unique blend of Senior level Recruitment on a contingency basis coupled with Executive Search services for those really hard to fill roles. Be it a Regional MD for Sub-Saharan Africa to a Mandarin speaking Business Leader in Shanghai we are on hand to advise on the best solutions to you the client. We do not just send cvs to clients randomly – we work with quality candidates and will only offer cvs to clients if we truly believe there could be a match. We have a non-volume approach to working with clients as we believe it is our job to initially understand the vacancy fully and then filter the best candidates available in the market place.

One of our strengths is our focus on emerging markets. We truly are a global player. From our hubs in Dubai and Singapore we work across a multitude of countries that our clients are looking to either strategically open up in or consolidate their footprint in. Our value is in the understanding of the global markets and knowledge of most countries around the world being able to assist you with a targeted and efficient Search process.

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