Environmental Data Manager

Saudi Arabia

SAR 39k – 49k pm


We are currently searching for an Environmental Data Manager, on behalf of a semi-government developer in Saudi Arabia, working on one of the most ambitious projects in the Gulf to date. You will play a lead role, guiding and executing the collection, collation, storage, analysis, and utilization of diverse environmental data so as to support the effective science-guided sustainable management and enhancement of marine and terrestrial habitats and associated species and populations across the project.



  • Play a key role in environmental data management projects under the direction of the Assistant Director: query databases; gather, compile, clean data from multiple sources, perform data analysis and build data pipelines.
  • Work with SMEs to perform data management and quality assurance for environmental data products and assist with code-based revision of existing data.
  • Develop requirements and create ETL designs and mapping specifications for environmental and various other data.
  • Oversee others in extracting data from existing databases or literature and preparing data for database analysis.
  • Load analytical data via electronic data deliverables from laboratories into project databases.
  • Load survey data and field results into project-specific databases.
  • Perform routine queries on large datasets.
  • Develop, document, and implement algorithms or procedures to monitor and improve data quality (including quality assessment-quality control measures).
  • Investigate quality issues stemming from data collection, gaps in expected data, or problems with the data processing pipeline.
  • Effectively communicate with multiple teams to troubleshoot data application and data quality issues and improve data processes.
  • Build and maintain relationships with internal and external partners and present research results.
  • Assist with survey, monitoring and related efforts as needed.
  • Write technical approach contributions and contribute to discussion of level of effort required for components of work.
  • Support business development efforts led by others and secure follow-on work.
  • Maintain technical competence and attend relevant networking with appropriate bodies to maintain a good working knowledge of current best practice.
  • Perform other duties as workload necessitates and as directed.


Qualifications and Experience 

  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in science-guided environmental management through practical utilization of environmental data
  • PhD in information systems / IT / tech. with experience in managing environmental data
  • Professional level work experience with relational databases and tools such as SQL, SQL Developer, SQL*Plus, and Procedural Language/SQL (PL/SQL), Oracle Spatial, and Oracle Application Express.
  • Significant working knowledge of dynamic Web tools such as Oracle APEX, PHP, and HTML, ideally including development if data entry and management systems
  • Significant working knowledge of version control systems like Git and subversion (SVN)
  • Programming experience in R, Python, or Matlab


If you are interested in the role as mentioned above, please get in touch with Tom Fitzpatrick at tom@menasaandpartners.com.