Enterprise Risk and Business Continuity Specialist                                                                                                                       Abu Dhabi                                                                                                                                                                                                        AED 38k + Schooling+ flights



We have an exciting requirement for an Enterprise Risk and Business Continuity Specialist to work client-side for a large engineering organisation in the UAE. The candidate placed in this position will be responsible for safeguarding our client’s customers, reputation, assets and interests of stakeholders by identifying and managing all arising threats and taking remedial actions to mitigate potential risks and minimise their reoccurrence in order to more effectively enable our client to achieve their business objectives.

  • Define the corporate and Enterprise Risk and Business Continuity plan, policies and procedures, in order to ensure effective and timely management and mitigation of risks encountered during the execution and delivery of our client’s projects
  • Develop suitable risk management and evaluation methodologies and tools and for defining the criteria pertinent to probability, impact, legal requirements and environmental factors, in accordance with our client’s historical risk management practices
  • Review and provide guidance to the PMC Risk Manager and all the civil and system related contractors/sub-contractors in order to collectively manage potential risks in a harmonised and consistent manner, in line with the established risk management framework
  • Conduct regular risk reviews and assessments to identify risks and analyse the potential impact those risks may have on our client and define measures and remedial actions to mitigate them and minimize their reoccurrence
  • Create various risk status reports tailored to accommodate different audiences, ranging from executives to supervisors in order to ensure intended communication and updates are adequately conveyed
  • Conduct periodic audit checks to ensure all the various internal and external parties are compliant to established standards through the continuous liaison with internal and external auditors
  • Provide support, education and training to staff to build and promote risk awareness within our client’s organisation by remaining abreast of latest global trends and risk practices and relaying the same to the organization wide workforce
  • Liaise with all business units to develop and maintain the Business Continuity Plan approved by management.
  • Establish business performance management systems to ensure achievement of business continuity plans including identifying gaps, setting recovery time objectives and conveying business needs/ expectations.
    • Requirements
  • Risk Management Certification
  • Minimum 8 years experience
  • Extensive business continuity and risk management experience within a large organisation

Please forward CV’s to Elise@menasaandpartners.com to apply